Have some time to help clean up or fix something around our beloved UUUS? To find a task you can help with, please take a look at our facilities worksheet. Workdays are held the first Saturday of every month (any schedule changes will be communicated through the Notable News or e-mail). Please contact Dave Symonds with any questions.

Member and Leadership Directories

Governance Documents

Congregational Meeting Minutes

2017 Annual Congregational Meeting

Council Meeting Minutes

2017-11 Council Minutes

2017-10 Council Minutes

Board Minutes

2017-05-11 May Meeting

Forms and Spreadsheets

Event Scheduling Request Form (fill out online)

Event Scheduling Form Request Form PDF (download, print, give to office)

Hospitality Sign-up Spreadsheet

Survey of Congregation on Marketing the Church (Including New Sign)

Membership-Marketing Survey - Blank Form

Membership-Marketing Survey Comments (Anonymous), 10 pages

Membership-Marketing Survey Numerical Summary

New Sign - Summary of Sign Text Suggestions

New Sign – Suggested Layout of Text on Sign

New Sign – Discussion Points for Text Choices (Powerpoint as PDF)  (Smaller version for printing here)

Survey of Congregation on Idea of Part-time Minister

Click here to see survey response charts and anonymous narratives from survey done in November, 2017.