Are you interested in speaking at an upcoming service?


UUU Friends,

Over the next few months, we are organizing a series of lay-led services, centered on our beliefs about one (or more) of the “big questions."  You are invited to join us as a speaker so that we may learn from your beliefs, experiences, thoughts, and/or knowledge. Here are the questions: 

Does our life have meaning? What is the point of our existence? 

Is there a God? If so, how would you describe this Being or Force? 

Do humans have a fundamental nature? Are we inherently good? Or bad? Or a mixture? Can we change? 

Do we need uplifting illusions or should we embrace harsh truths? Or both? 

How can we tell right from wrong? 

What happens to us after we die? 

What are your sources of wisdom? 

Is it important to have consistent beliefs? 

Does one (or more) of these questions speak to you? Do you have a story you would like to share? An insight you would like to explain? A question that you would like us to engage with? If so, we would love to hear your voice. By sharing your wisdom, your experience, or your individual path in UUism, you can help energize and strengthen our community. 

We anticipate three to four lay speakers per Sunday in the series with each Sunday turning around a single question or groups of questions and each participant speaking for three to ten minutes on a single topic. 

If you are interested in participating, please contact either Martha Kirby ( or Janet Leavens ( with the question(s) that interest you and when you would be available to participate in sharing your search for meaning.

In Fellowship,

Your Program Planning Team