UUUF is a religiously liberal congregation that promotes reason and religious tolerance and embraces a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Our goal every Sunday is to help each of you on your spiritual path and strengthen your sense of self, family, and community.

Our members and visitors have diverse interests and beliefs, and our Sunday Services reflect that with varied topics. Our lay-led services featuring our members or visiting ministers, academics, and experts as speakers.

All ages are welcome—regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, or lifestyle. Dress attire is casual and the atmosphere is always friendly.

What can I expect when I attend in person?

Currently, we are meeting virtually via Zoom but when we are back in the building, the Order of Service is as follows:

Musical Prelude
Opening Words and Opening Music
Chalice Lighting and Affirmation
Welcoming of guests and sharing of joys and concerns
Musical Interlude and the "Share the Plate" Offering
Children's Recessional
Speaker's Presentation
Extinguishing of Chalice
Closing Words and Closing Music
Musical Postlude

From beginning to end, the service is typically about an hour long. After the service, please join us for coffee and conversation or—on the second Sunday of the month—stay to partake of our potluck lunch.

Are children allowed to stay with their parents during the service?

Children are more than welcome to listen to the service with their parents. At UUUF, we greatly value family. Our children play a part in every Sunday Service and even organize and deliver two services per year. We provide childcare in our nursery and Religious Education for ages pre-K and up, and we have a toy-filled "Wiggle Room" so parents of infants and toddlers who want or need to stay with their little ones can comfortably watch and listen to the service.

What kind of music is used in your services?

Live music is an integral element of our service, from traditional hymns and classical music to contemporary songs. We have many talented musicians who perform for us as our "house band," InclUUsion. Church member Janet Leavens directs our adult choir, providing a more traditional complement to the band's inimitable contemporary tones.

What if I am unable to attend, but don't want to miss anything?

UUUF offers live streaming of the services through Zoom and YouTube Live. Links to both can be found on the front page of the website.

Is UUUF a good fit for me?

Since we have a variety of speakers and topics, we really recommend attending several services to get a feel of what UUUF is about.