Embracing Our Future

Thirty years ago, a small but determined group of Unitarian Universalists worked together to create our University UU Fellowship. Their vision of a liberal religious community in east Orlando inspired them to keep moving forward, overcoming obstacles and challenges, to establish our current beloved spiritual home. We are grateful for their vision and persistence.

As we start our next thirty years, who do we want to be? What will we do to grow our relationships with each other and with our neighbors? How will we bring our values and voices into important conversations in our community? Where will we focus our efforts? Who needs to hear our liberal religious message? How will we reach more UUs?

Our annual fund drives usually have a central theme. Love, inclusion, and connection were our pandemic themes and helped us remain strong and responsive while we navigated through all the challenges of COVID. This year, we’re focusing on looking forward and Embracing Our Future Possibilities. What comes to mind for you? Inclusiveness, radical welcoming, and more visibility in the community.....?

We do need a baseline of funding to support our staff, our building, and all the ordinary expenses necessary to provide a physical place for us to be together. And, this year, let’s think about what else we need, what we might add, and what we might do differently to strengthen our identity as UUs and increase our impact in the community. Do you have an idea to share? An inspiration that might start a new project? Comment on what we might be missing, or whom? There are lots of possibilities and all of your insights and perspectives as members and friends are needed to discern the answers.

As you consider your financial pledge to UUUF for our 2023-2024 fiscal year and reflect on the value this community adds to your life, consider increasing your contribution so that we can live more fully into our future and share our values with an ever-widening circle of community.