Our Purpose

The purpose of this fellowship is to promote and sustain liberal religious worship, study, service, and fellowship--as expressed in our Seven UU Principles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:
Provide a community with the intellectual freedom to explore religious alternatives, common values, and the interdependence of the world's environment in order to promote the worth and inner peace of individuals and families; and
Proceed with love, understanding, and dignity, together with a sense of trust, service, intellectual stimulation, and mutual support to arrive at this place where "religion fits the individual."

Member Covenant

Our membership covenant is a set of shared commitments to participate in and support UUUF. The covenant helps make clear the expectations that bond our congregation and strengthen its value for all of us. As members of UUUF, we covenant with one another to:

  • Participate in UUU's communal activities. Our worship services, celebrations, festivals, and other rituals are wonderful opportunities for reflection and learning because diverse members and guests make them so. Your presence enriches our shared experiences as a community and helps make UUUF an active, vibrant congregation. We miss you when you're not present.
  • Help UUUF operate. Members keep us up and running. We organize services, manage church finances, teach religious education classes, volunteer for kitchen duty, distribute information, clean and repair facilities, and much more. Please share your time and talent as regularly as you can.
  • Care for fellow members and our larger community. It's essential that we commit to caring for one another through individual action and the care-related services of our church. Our congregation also is enhanced by members' service to their local communities.
  • Respect one another's beliefs and differences. We value the opportunity to hear and learn from people of different backgrounds, including different religions. We accept and embrace one another and demonstrate tolerance.
  • Value children as our future. Through religious education classes and UUUF rituals and services, we will involve our children in activities that model the behaviors and values of caring, learning, and spiritual reflection.
  • Ensure our church's financial sustainability. Regular contributions from members allow us to maintain our facilities, support church programs, and projects and pay annual dues to the Unitarian Universalist Association. It's vital that all of us contribute our fair share.