“Is Superman a Closet UU? - and other compelling questions”

with Mark Bernstein

Does the Man of Steel light a chalice in his Fortress of Solitude? Do the Caped Crusader and Robin the Boy Wonder secretly share joys and concerns deep in the bowels of the Bat Cave? And what about Spidey’s interdependent web? Come explore the connection between our comic book heroes and our Unitarian Universalist principles. Mark Bernstein has been a member of the UU Church of Delaware County in Media, PA for 27 years. He is a former staff member with the Central East Region of the UUA and currently serves as Adjunct Staff with the Region.
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We are a "lay-led" congregation with a different speaker every Sunday morning.

Upcoming Services

August 9

“Rooted, Inspired, and Ready!”

with UUUF Members

General Assembly is the annual business meeting of the UUA, our Unitarian Universalist Association. Plenary sessions involving by-law updates, committee reports, and other items of governance are held along with a variety of workshops, worship services, and learning opportunities about congregational life and management, theology and faith development, social justice and so much more. Judith, Chris, and Martha, all committed members of UUUF, will share from the time in this first-ever virtual GA.

August 16

“Summer Camp for All of US”

with Rev. Kathy Schmitz

I thought I was going to summer camp, but instead, I’m going to summer school. You too? How can we blend our spiritual need for rejuvenation with all we have to learn? A favorite in our pulpit, virtual or in-person, Rev. Kathy served as minister of 1U in downtown Orlando for 8 years and is now a “free-range” UU minister offering her thoughts on life from a liberal religious perspective.

August 23

“Spiritual Typology – Where’s Your Growing Edge?”

with Martha Kirby

One of my favorite services was presented a few years ago by a long-time member, John Amein, and was an introduction and exploration of this topic. As we move into a new “church year” it seems a good time to re-introduce the ideas John shared and find out where our congregation is today and talk about why it matters. Martha currently serves this congregation as Board Chair/Pres. and Program Planning Team Chair.

We hear from a wide variety of academic, spiritual, and social justice speakers. Our Sunday Services are designed to illuminate different spiritual paths and strengthen our sense of self, family, and community.

Past Services

July 19

“On Racism and Justice”   |     Presentation Recording

with Dr. Jonathan Cox

Having conversations and building relationships with leaders in our community on the important and necessary work of becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppression, and the multi-cultural congregation is essential for us to build a foundation for sharing this work in the larger community. Dr. Cox is an assistant professor in the department of sociology at the University of Central Florida. Primarily, Dr. Cox is a race scholar, particularly interested in racial and ethnic identities and racial ideologies.

July 26

“Resting in the Unknown”   |     Presentation Recording

with Rev. Tracie Barrett

In addition to checking the daily Covid-19 updates and managing our homes, work, and family it’s also important to take care of ourselves.  How important it is that in the midst of all of this going on that we do take time to rest.   Rev. Tracie returns to our virtual pulpit to share advice and wisdom to help us remember to make time to relax, rest, and find resilience.

We invite you to visit...and we hope you will visit more than once because each week offers a different speaker and a different focus. One thing is the same every week, though – our principles, values, and warm welcome!

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Our Lifespan Religious Education program teaches adults and children about the great faiths of the world, social justice, wonders of the natural world, and ethical decision-making.

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