MAY 29, 2022

“Pet Blessing Service”

with Taylor Barton
Taylor Barton, Religious Education Staff, and Veterinarian-to-be will lead us through a unique service of recognition and blessing for those with fur, scales, and feathers--our friends who know all our truths and “faux paws.” Many times their loyalty and love go unrecognized so we will bless these friends and family that play such a huge role in our lives. We will also be recognizing pet family members who have passed through a slideshow and memorial altar in the sanctuary. We hope you will bring your pet family to join in this delightful day.
THE FINE PRINT All pets present at the church must be restrained appropriately (secure leash or carrying case). In the event that your pet cannot be physically present at the church, please consider bringing a photo or joining in via Zoom. If you are attending online, pets can join us on screen. If you wish, please send a digital photo to to be included in the slide show or bring a hard copy to place on the memorial altar. (Please indicate if the pet family is living or in memorial). Download our nifty "What to Expect" PDF for more info.

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Past Services

May 15

“Building Beloved Community”  |     Presentation Recording

with Rev. Tracie Barrett
What does it mean to be in Beloved Community? How can we, as both individual Unitarian Universalists and part of the wider UU world, work to build Beloved Community? Not just in our congregations, but also in the wider world?

May 22

“Speaking in Tongues: Talking Religion in the 21st Century”  |     Presentation Recording

with Dr. Greg Cavenaugh
In today's talk, Dr. Cavenaugh discusses his experience teaching the "Rhetoric of Religion" course in the post-Trump era. Two things about religion in America are clear: First, that religious discourse shapes our politics and social structures to the core; and second, that talking with other Americans about religion is particularly challenging at the moment. We will explore why these conversations are both so difficult and yet so critical. Along the way, we will consider issues such as radical individualism, the pragmatic atheology of many Americans, and the role of ego and identity in religious discourse.

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