The 5th Principle of Unitarian Universalism guides our governance: "The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large." We strongly believe in the use of the democratic process. So while we have governing bodies and committees to perform the day-to-day work, the entire member congregation gets a say on all important decisions, such as the annual budget and the election of Board members. The Congregational Bylaws provide a stable, time-tested structure for all policies and operations of the congregation.

Board of Trustees

Our congregation-elected Board, consisting of members who selflessly volunteer their time, is the primary policy-setting body. With guidance from the congregation, the Board establishes the vision and annual goals for the church and monitors their progress. There are currently seven (7) positions on the Board:

Trustees (3)


Our Fellowship runs on volunteer power. All our day-to-day operations are handled by committees whose members give their time and enjoy the satisfaction of working with a team and strengthening connections with fellow church members.

The following are our current Committees:


The goal is to enhance the mission of the congregation apart from its general operation and to support programs and facilities that are consistent with Unitarian Universalist principles. Contact: 

Facilities – Buildings and Grounds

Members of this committee maintain the physical facilities of the UUUF building and grounds. Anyone can join who has some handy person or landscaping skills or is willing to learn. Contact:


This committee manages tasks related to the Fellowship’s finances as well as provides stewardship and oversight of the financial health of the congregation including budgeting and pledge/donation recognition. Contact:


These volunteers make you feel welcome in our building (when we are meeting there).  They manage beverage/snack supplies, organize potluck lunches, host special events, and maintain our kitchen. Contact: 


This group is responsible for making sound investment recommendations to the board for Endowment and general church funds. Contact:

Information Technology

This group welcomes members with knowledge in networking and computer hardware, data backup and security, maintaining software-controlled devices, and providing training to users. Contact:


Committee members greet and welcome, offer UU101 classes, plan events for new members, conduct induction ceremonies and connect new members with opportunities to volunteer. Contact: 


The nominating committee presents a qualified slate of candidates for Officers, Trustees, and Endowment Committee members. Contact:

Pastoral Care

This committee’s members support congregation members who are going through an illness or life crisis.  They also provide support to caregivers and comfort the bereaved.  Pastoral Care also helps coordinate memorial services. Contact:


This job of this committee is to hire staff, oversee payroll/staff benefits, provide support and conduct staff reviews. Contact:


Because we are a lay-led congregation with a different focus each week, this group schedules speakers for Sunday mornings and provides coordination and training for service leaders. Contact:


This committee is a subcommittee of Programs and helps with setting up of audio/visual equipment including microphones and broadcasting equipment in our building Contact:  For Zoom/YouTube broadcasts. Contact:

---Music is a subcommittee of programs that coordinates music in line with our speakers/themes. Contact:

Public Relations/Marketing

This group promotes UUUF's presence in the community through marketing and communications, including social media, website, signage, and more. Contact:

Religious Education

The role of this committee is to support the Director of Religious Education in curriculum and event planning as well as conducting programs.


Members help advertise spaces as well as review and revise rental contracts and payments. Contact:

Social Action

This committee creates opportunities to put our UU values into action in the community.  Visit this page for more detailed information. Contact: