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July 2

“Rethinking the God Journey – Part 2"
Robin Harris

Apostle Robin Harris, a Texas native, writer, minister, speaker, and humanitarian, returns to UUUS to share more of the story of her continuing work on spirit, conscience, and social action. An activist with several organizations, Robin continues her spiritual journey both inwardly and in the larger community.  Her words come from her heart and are inspiring, humorous, and thoughtful.

July 9

Christine Dance  
"God Has Many Names—What Do We Call The Divine?”
As Unitarian Universalists, we don’t have a creed or statement of belief, but many of us still have relationships with the Divine.  With such a wide diversity of beliefs, we have the ability to use our creativity to name what we call this Spirit of Love. Join us as we explore all the many ways that different UUs invoke the Divine for ourselves.  Christine Dance is a Candidate for the UU Ministry in her second year at Iliff School of Theology and has been a member of the First Unitarian Church of Orlando for 17 years.

July 16

Rev. Dr. Marni Harmony    
“A Fierce Green Fire” 
This service is especially for those who cherish the role of our four-legged companions in the great interdependent web.  Reflecting on a passage from the great naturalist Aldo Leopold,  Rev. Harmony will offer support for the UU First Principle Project. Marni has served the UU Faith as a Reverend for many years at First Unitarian, Orlando, and UU of Tarpon Springs.

July 23

Rev. Tracie Barrett-Welser
“Applying Our Principles”

It's natural to apply our principles of inherent worth and dignity and the responsible search for truth and meaning to those within our walls.  But what about our friends and family and those who disagree with us? Rev. Tracie Barrett-Welser serves as the consulting minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lake County in Eustis, FL.   She considers herself a UU Evangelist as her heart's desire is to share the good news of our liberal faith.

July 30

Dean Sluyter
“Natural Meditation: The Way of Effortlessness”

Dean Sluyter has spent a lifetime studying and practicing with Eastern and Western sages who are preeminent masters of this natural approach. One of the most experienced (and clearest, and funniest) meditation guides in the United States, he has taught since 1970, from the prisons of New Jersey to the rainforests of Guatemala.  Dean will share his philosophy of body, mind and spiritual practices with us and, after service, will offer an additional workshop opportunity for a more in-depth journey into his methods.