August 6
Dr. Terri S. Fine
“Religion and the U.S. Supreme Court: A Focus on Education”

This presentation will consider various questions posed to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding religious freedom and children in school.  While the U.S. Supreme Court has considered both the free exercise and establishment clauses of the First Amendment, there remain unsettled issues.  The Court has considered both religion in public schools as well as the role of government serving children enrolled in private schools.

August 13
Rachel Equality Gardiner
"Does This Sermon Make My Butt Look Big?"

Blending wit and wisdom, Rachel Equality Gardiner, past President and lay-leader from First Unitarian of Orlando, explores the topic of body image, and how it might impact our effectiveness as advocates for justice.

August 20
UUUS Members
"What We Learned about Being White"

In January of this year, a small group of UUUS members joined other UU congregations in Beloved Conversations, an intentional learning community using guided dialogue and conversations to learn together how race and ethnicity shape our lives and how developing the skills and habits of an anti-racist mind helps everyone – those in dominant groups as well as those who are targets of oppression – heal from the wounds of racism. It was an eye-opening and mind-opening experience and, at times, a bit uncomfortable for all of us.  Today, our group will share some of what we’ve learned and invite you into the conversation.

August 28
UUUS Members
“Mixing Business and Pleasure” 
The summer is a busy time for UU’s. The Annual Meeting of the UUA, General Assembly (GA) takes place each June and the Southeast UU Summer Institute (SUUSI) each July. These annual events are the two largest gatherings of UU’s in the US.  Each gathering offers opportunities to worship, connect, learn, and witness to our UU faith. Each offers a chance to make new friends and explore new ideas. One might be a bit more work, one a bit more fun –which is which?  UUUS members who were there will let you know!