It’s Time To Come Together - Really!

Having lived most of our church life almost entirely virtually for the last two years, it finally feels safe to come back together, in person!

Our two years of COVID isolation have been difficult and each of us has been affected in different ways, both physically and mentally.  Our two years of COVID have also helped us grow in many ways:  we’ve learned new skills, started new groups, stayed in touch with each other, figured out how to broadcast services and then how to make them better, and, we even worked together on one of the most important steps forward for our fellowship - hiring our first minister!  Our two years of COVID have helped us all realize how much better we are together than apart.

Please, if you have time, visit our YouTube channel and listen to Rev. Tracie’s sermon from last week (3/20) titled “Coming Home To Community.”  There was lots of talk about connections, having fun and enjoying each other’s company, whether in person or online, and about the meaning of and importance of our interconnected covenantal community.

“It’s Time To Come Together” is our pledge theme for our upcoming fiscal year.

  • Let’s come together to re-connect and meet the new versions of each other that have grown in the past two years
  • Let’s come together and reach out to each other and those we miss to ensure none of us feel isolated and alone
  • Let’s come together, whether in person or online, to laugh and enjoy each other and just have fun!
  • Let’s come together to renew our commitment to this fellowship by making a financial pledge for the upcoming fiscal year

Our annual pledge drive is also a time to come together for a common purpose: keeping the covenant we all made when we first joined this fellowship to do our part to keep UUUF financially stable and able offer services, outreach, maintenance, and fun to our members, staff and guests.

Consider all the work that has been done to maintain our property and buildings in the last two years. Just a few examples are the outside and inside painting of the main building, the recent resealing of the parking lot, and constant maintenance of things like toilets, air conditioners, gutters, and more.  The list is long!

Take a moment to reflect on all this fellowship is already offering: Sunday services, a part-time minister, new playground equipment, maintenance of the existing playground, Vespers, covenant groups, other affinity groups, a robust RE (Religious Education) program and new AV equipment for our now “here-to-stay” hybrid services.  

Now, take a moment to dream about all this fellowship might provide:  more outreach to the community, interfaith events, bringing back live music, and more. What would you like to see?   Have you added your dream to the “dream-tree” in the hall?  

Now is the time for us to come together to financially support UUUF.  A pledge form is available on our website for the upcoming fiscal year, July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023.   We will mail forms to anyone who prefers paper, and forms will also be available in the office. Note that from now on, the minister’s salary will become a part of the overall operating pledge drive, not a separate designated fund. Please consider increasing your pledge amount if you made minister contributions in prior years. Contributions made to the minister reserve fund through June 2022 will still be put in the reserve account  If you would like to know where you stand with your current pledge contributions, please email    

Thank you for your continued support of YOUR fellowship. It truly takes all of us, working together, to maintain this community and to help it grow into the future.