Our Minister

Rev. Tracie Barrett


(863) 206-9086 (mobile)

Director of Religious Education

Judith Stein Farrall


908-230-7563 (Mobile)



Rev. Tracie Barrett

Rev. Tracie considers herself a Unitarian Universalist evangelist, sharing the good news of our liberal faith. She focuses on each person’s journey to spiritual growth, truth, and meaning. While she grew up experiencing many different faith traditions, she says, “when I look back, I believe I was always a Universalist and a Unitarian. Coming home to Unitarian Universalism changed my life”, and she works hard to give that opportunity to everyone. She believes strongly in a shared ministry concept with Judith as our Director of Religious Education and the congregation itself. “Every committee, every member, is ministering to our community,” she says.

Rev. Tracie received her Master of Divinity in 2017 from Meadville Lombard Theological School. While in seminary, she completed one unit of Chaplaincy internship at AdventHealth Hospital and served for two years as the Student Minister at Tri-County Unitarian Universalists in Summerfield, FL. Tri-County UU ordained her in 2017. She served three years as the Consulting Minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lake County. She is pursuing a Doctor of Ministry at United Theological School, focusing on revitalizing congregations. She brings a television, theater, and ritual background to her ministry.





Judith Stein Farrall

Judith understands that what happens with our children and youth is affected by what happens with our adults and vice versa. With that in mind when ever possible, she believes in providing opportunities for multigenerational encounters. She encourages all to participate in Time For All Ages. She has coordinated field trips to alternate houses of worship and landfills, museums and civil rights sites. She knows our members have skills to offer and often invites them to share in our classroom spaces. With the addition of Rev. Tracie in the pulpit and the worship committee, she is enjoying the wider collaborative ministry model to create a shared  experience for all ages to build on.

Judith has served in the religious education field for over 10 years. She comes to this work with an Individualized Bachelor of Arts from Goddard College with a focus on Comparative Religion, Two units of Clinical Pastoral Education (Chaplaincy experience) and is a Credentialed Religious Educator via The UUA. Her secular background includes, Human resource management, customer service and market research as well as running a theater arts program for children.