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Have some time to help clean up or fix something around our beloved UUUS? To find a task you can help with, please take a look at our facilities worksheet. Workdays are held the first Saturday of every month (any schedule changes will be communicated through the Notable News or e-mail). Please contact Dave Symonds with any questions.

Survey of Congregation on Marketing the Church (Including New Sign)

Membership-Marketing Survey - Blank Form

Membership-Marketing Survey Comments (Anonymous), 10 pages

Membership-Marketing Survey Numerical Summary

New Sign - Summary of Sign Text Suggestions

New Sign – Suggested Layout of Text on Sign

New Sign – Discussion Points for Text Choices (Powerpoint as PDF)  (Smaller version for printing here)

Survey of Congregation on Idea of Part-time Minister

Click here to see survey response charts and anonymous narratives from survey done in November, 2017.

Member and Leadership Directories

Governance Documents

Congregational Meeting Minutes

2017 Annual Congregational Meeting

Council Meeting Minutes

2017-11 Council Minutes

2017-10 Council Minutes

Board Minutes

2017-05-11 May Meeting

Forms and Spreadsheets

Event Scheduling Request Form (fill out online)

Event Scheduling Form Request Form PDF (download, print, give to office)

Hospitality Sign-up Spreadsheet

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