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Sunday Service with UUUF

“Simplicity & Flow: An Overview of Daoism”

with UUUF Spirit Seekers

Daoism (or Taoism) arose nearly three millennia ago as a philosophical system based on indigenous Chinese beliefs and practices. In approximately 550 BCE, the legendary Chinese philosopher and reputed author, Lao Tzu, known as “Old Master,” recorded the 81 verses of Daoism’s most important text, the Dao De Jing.

Dao” translates as the “Way” or the “Path.” The Dao De Jing lays out a system of beliefs, attitudes, and practices that teach a person to flow with life. It is simple. But it is not easy.

The “three jewels” of the Dao are described as “compassion and kindness;” “moderation and simplicity;” and “humility and modesty.” Seeing parallels with Unitarian Universalism, the dozen members of the UUUF Spirit Seekers book club chose to read and study the Dao over the past 8 months as we increased our Wednesday morning meetings to weekly during the pandemic. We used a popular text written by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer called Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao (2007) to access additional guidance.

Although rooted in an ancient Chinese worldview, the Dao is remarkably cognizant of social, cultural, and political change – and the need for one to evolve and “go with the flow” to remain in harmony with nature. In this service, the UUUF Spirit Seekers will reveal what about the Dao resonated with them personally and practically.

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We are a “lay-led” congregation with a different speaker every Sunday morning. We hear from a wide variety of academic, spiritual, and social justice speakers. Our Sunday Services are designed to illuminate different spiritual paths and strengthen our sense of self, family, and community.


Dec 06 2020


10:30 am - 11:30 am



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