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Sunday Service with UUUF

“Annual Water Communion & New Member Welcome”

with Rev. Tracie Barrett and UUUF Membership Team

The annual water ritual at UUUF is a time for members, friends, and guests to share water. Usually, this is about places that are special to you or from your travels. This year, as we are still managing the pandemic, our water ceremony will be about the tears we have shed, whether in sorrow or in joy, throughout the last eighteen months. The mingling of water and voices sharing from the heart represents the diversity of our congregation, our world, and the many sources of our faith tradition. Join us in sharing and as we welcome new members to our congregation.

For our beloved members who are participating from home, I invite you to come to the fellowship on Saturday, September 18, from 10:30-12. We will have the bowl set up outside and you will be able to share your water and your story. This will be recorded and shared during the service on Sunday. Also, it’s a chance for me to meet you! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! – Rev. Tracie /

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We are a “lay-led” congregation with a different speaker every Sunday morning. We hear from a wide variety of academic, spiritual, and social justice speakers. Our Sunday Services are designed to illuminate different spiritual paths and strengthen our sense of self, family, and community.


Sep 19 2021


10:30 am - 11:30 am


11468 McCulloch Rd. Orlando, FL 32817


(407) 737-4018