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Inquiring Minds

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American Myth: “A Shining City Upon a Hill?”

A majority of Americans believe the U.S. is one of the greatest nations in the world. More than eight-in-ten (85%) said in a June 2017 survey that the U.S. either “stands above all other countries in the world” (29%) or, that it is “one of the greatest countries, along with some others” (56%). While large shares in all adult generations say America is among the greatest countries, those in the Silent Generation (ages 73 to 90 in 2018) are the most likely to say the U.S. “stands above” all others (46%), while Millennials are the least likely to say this (18%).

In his 2005 book “Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis”, Jimmy Carter reports “the rate of firearm homicides in the United States is nineteen times higher than that of 35 other high-income countries combined.” That “In addition to imprisonment, the United States of America stands almost alone in the world in our fascination with the death penalty, and our few remaining companions are regimes with a lack of respect for basic human rights.” That when it comes to sharing the wealth with poor nations “Americans are the stingiest of all industrialized nations. We allow about one-thirtieth as much as is commonly believed [or] sixteen cents out of each $100 of the gross national income.” America: land of the free, home of the brave? Try global bully with a bad attitude and reckless sense of entitlement.

In a recent interview, Dr. Henry Kissinger states “The leaders of the liberal Democratic side were personal acquaintances with whom I had gone to Harvard and met regularly. In the present period, there is a systemic questioning of the historic values of America. There is a point of view to the effect that American society has been immoral from its very beginning. Advocates of this view maintain that the American internal challenge derives from the historic structure of American society and history. They believe America’s institutions – the Senate, the Supreme Court, perhaps even the Constitution itself – have to be remade from the ground up. This is a revolutionary frame of mind which is being pursued very systematically and very effectively. It is not a view that is held by close to 50% of the population. But it is a view that is intensely held and is perhaps dominant in the academic and media community. It is therefore becoming extremely influential.

Joe Biden: We must urgently root out systemic racism, from policing to housing to opportunity.

How did we come to this?

This Sunday, Inquiring Minds and Plato’s Cave philosophers will search for answers.

Although passions may run high regarding this topic, please remember: Cordial dialog and respect for the opinions of others is expected.

Let’s try to focus on these questions :

What can governments do?
What can schools do?
What can businesses do?
What can communities (including churches) do?
What can YOU do?

Suggested reading:

America’s national greatness myths are shattering. Can they survive? Should they?





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May 02 2021


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