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Inquiring Minds

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Rod Serling’s “A Nice Place to Visit” – where all desires come true

with Steve

Last week, in spite of Zoom network issues and incomplete attempts to find a work-around, a few Inquiring Minds managed to meet online and discuss Jean-Paul Sartre’s play, “No Exit”. The theme involves three imprisoned dead people, a man, and two women, who find themselves captive in a room that they cannot exit. The trio is perfect counterparts, selected to be each-others’ mental tormentors. But, in reality, they each are imprisoned in their own private hell by succumbing to their own self-created illusions of personal failures and societal expectations that resulted from invented sins and shame. This week, Plato’s Cave philosophers and Inquiring Minds will consider one more possible version of hell—a heavenly hell where everything is perfect—maybe a little too perfect.



Our Inquiring Minds group meets to discuss a chosen topic in an informal setting. Subjects include religion, current events, politics, and science, among others. Drop-in visitors are always welcome. Inquiring Minds information is also available at the Plato’s Cave meetup website:


May 24 2020


9:00 am - 10:00 pm



Zoom meetings are online, video-conferencing meetings. It does require the installation of free software to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Link to the particular Zoom location will be found in the event description.

Stephen Hall


Stephen Hall

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