President's Message

Martha Kirby,
President of UUUF Board of Directors

A new year full of hope and promise is here!  The COVID numbers are still too high, yet there are vaccines now available and becoming more accessible. Hopefully, it won’t be as long as it’s already been before we are back together, face-to-face. The Re-Opening Task Force has completed its work for now; there are specific criteria we are monitoring and goals the Board agreed to meet prior to returning to the building. You may read the full RTF Re-Opening Plan Overview Here. To watch the criteria yourself, please visit the Covid Act Now ( site to see the most current statistics

Although we’re apart for a bit longer, our connections to each other remain strong through our covenant groups, zooms on Sunday mornings, book groups, identity groups, and personal connections. The community we love is alive and well!  Please continue to reach out to each other and to participate as fully as you can in our virtual events and limited-in-person events. And, wear that mask!