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Sunday, March 5

Alberto Montequin - “A Traveler's Perspective”

During the eight months Alberto spent backpacking through seven countries in Asia, he had interactions with hundreds of people from many different cultural backgrounds. Alberto will share what he learned from those interactions, and the importance of cultural awareness in this world, with the hope that it will inspire others to plan their own travel adventures, and maybe believe less of what we see and hear on TV.

Sunday, March 12

Scott Rost - "Laws of God and Laws of Man"

Scott Rost has practiced law in Central Florida for almost 30 years. Today, Scott will focus on religion and the law, comparing legal reasoning with scriptural interpretations. How does U.S. Constitutional jurisprudence contrast with Christian interpretation of the Bible as the source of Divine Truth? Perhaps an understanding of these differing approaches can help us negotiate the politically charged landscape surrounding court decisions as we advocate for UU values.

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Sunday, March 19

Dr. Greg Cavenaugh - "The Perils of Identification"

Dr. Cavenaugh will explore philosopher Kenneth Burke's theory of how humans, as "symbol-using animals," use discourse to create identification with each other. The process of identification is deeply related to the process of creating, sustaining, and transforming one's identity. In this talk, we will explore the challenges of ethically crafting an identity and encouraging others to identify with us in responsible ways.


Sunday, March 26

Judith Stein-Farrall - "The Matter of Religious Education"

Religious Education used to be all about catechism, memorization and recitation, even in our early Unitarian and Universalist settings.  Today Religious Education is dynamic, experiential and more than memorizing the beatitudes.  It has evolved and it matters for adults and children alike. We will get a sense of RE evolution and value in our society today from our own Director of Religious Education!



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