Upcoming Services

Sunday, May 7

Rudolph C. Cleare - Sign, Symbol, Word & Sacrament

A refection on the all-important role ritual actions play in the lives of individuals and communities. The presenter will engage the gathering in dialogue regarding why we believe rituals and repeated liturgical actions matter to us.  Rudolph is always an engaging and informative speaker.


Sunday, May 14

Beatriz Reyes-Foster - The Great Mother Archetype

An archetype is a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology. In Western society, the archetype of the "Good Mother"  has become a powerful symbol of female oppression. Yet what happens if we look at mothering archetypes more closely? This Mother's Day, Beatriz Reyes-Foster returns to the University Unitarian Universalist society to explore the archetypes of motherhood prevalent in our society. In what ways do archetypes of great and terrible mothering function to maintain our social order? How can we honor mothers and the work of mothering in a liberating way?

Sunday, May 21

Religious Education Recognition Sunday

Today we celebrate and recognize how our Unitarian Universalist values played out during the past year.  We recognize and thank our RE volunteers and recognize and encourage those of ALL AGES who grew in their experience of UU values and vision through the religious education program over the past program year.  Please join us to celebrate one another as we live our beliefs.

Sunday, May 28

Jason English - "Manifesting the Mind: The Psychedelic Renaissance"

Long demonized by the media and government, and consequently woefully misunderstood by the public at large, psychedelics are nevertheless forcing themselves back into the mainstream consciousness. Now there is a burgeoning psychedelic renaissance taking shape, the potential benefits of which are many fold. Jason, a UUUS member, will provide a brief history of psychedelics and an overview of their many benefits, as well as discuss his recent "trip" to the Psychedelic Sciences 2017 conference and the latest psychedelics research.






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