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 June 4, 2017

Ms. Amy Galpin  - "Faith and Murals: The Work of Alfredo Ramos Martinez and Jean Charlot"

Many people are familiar with the revolutionary disposition of the Mexican muralists. Often the murals painted in Mexico from 1920 to 1950 are associated with the Mexican Revolution, communism, and even anarchy. However, the story of Mexican Muralism does not exist in a vacuum. It possesses many narratives, including the work of Alfredo Ramos Martinez and Jean Charlot. Both artists were on the periphery of Mexican Muralism and both moved to the United States in 1929. Much of their later work reflected their Christian faith. This talk offers a comparative analysis of their art and the links between their religious art and Mexican Muralism. Ms. Galpin is the Curator of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College.

June 11, 2017

Rev. Bryan Fulwider   -  "Wells Dug Too Deep For War"  

On the eve of the one-year mark of the most deadly public mass shooting in American history, we will pause to remember and reflect and to consider our way forward. In the larger context of a society energized by deadly violence, fixated on the "foreign" enemy, comforted by the promise of the "strong man" as protector of the realm, and more comfortable with punitive rather than restorative justice - how does the thoughtful person find a way forward? We will consult the poet Wilfred Owen, the most highly regarded poet of World War I, as a guide who spoke profoundly then and now; and who offers a way forward in hope for our time and place.

June 18, 2017

Pastor James "Jim" Coffin    -   "Three Stories about One Dad—Mine"  

Love him or hate him, respect him or loathe him, we’ve all had a dad. And in one way or another, whether by his presence or by his absence, he has probably had more impact on who we’ve become than we’d like to admit. Sometimes even his failures may have taught us valuable lessons. So join me in a Father’s Day journey down memory lane.  Jim Coffin is currently the Executive Director of the Interfaith Council of Central FL.


June 25, 2017

Gary Pryzborski -  "The Wait is Over – Global Warming is Here!"

Global Warming's causes are simple but its effects are increasing and constraining Earth's future. Why has mankind failed to deal with this challenge? And what are the keys to a better vision and the will to manifest it? Our actions or inactions, individually and collectively, beckons somewhere. But what future will it be?  Gary, a UUUS member, is a writer, photographer, and electrical engineer with a passion for our world.




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